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The emergence of a new figure on the restaurant horizon of Ukraine and worldwide, whose name’s AlenaMishchenko, is associated with such exotic concept as Community Chef.

Nowadays there is the problem of identifying the real needs of the guest: neither chef, who has been staying in the kitchen all the time, nor hall workers, nor even business owners cannot fully reveal the sentiments and desires of the public visiting the establishment.  The presence of a competent mediator between the hall and the kitchen, restaurant and guest for Europe has long been a normal practice.  Talking about the foreign experience, it is appropriate to mention that Alena had visited more than 1,000 restaurants worldwide  including unique, closed and the most famous ones.

Communication with the owners, the legendary brand-chefs such as Jamie Oliver and others allowed Mishchenko to make a correct picture - a creative balance of interaction of manufacturers of services and their consumers.  For several years, Alena never misses loud events in the gastronomic life of London, San Francisco, Paris, Moscow ... (she’s ready to share the exclusive material).

Having an excellent education in the field of economics and law Mishchenko used to look for a professional approach to everything, which led her to the walls of Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, where she became the first and currently the only student from Ukraine.  All these factors have provoked the great interest of the professional media to her person.  In order not to be limited by theory, Alena manages one of the capital's best restaurants, parallel laying the foundation for opening the author establishment in the United States.

AlenaMishchenko has an active social position, she manages a photo blog in Instagram, which enjoys high popularity and formed an urgent need to bring it beyond the frames of social network in a broader and more complete format.  Phrases about tandem of cooking jacket and Swiss ROLEX increasingly flit in the gossip columns. AlenaMishchenko herself refers to such hype with genuinely professional modesty, saying: "Just an outstanding gastronomic space can become a home for the atmosphere of the true customer service."