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Summer sun is forcing us to look for shady urban trails and on intensive work of car air conditioner. And if your summer days go by not at the resort, but in a normal working environment, it would be useful to have in mind the place where you can quickly get cool and replenish energy.


Panoramic Restaurant «Matisse» is considered to be a place of relaxation and thus an oasis in Kiev, where you can quickly regain strength and for a time to plunge into the carefree in the hot weather or after a wearisome day. Here you can taste refreshing drinks: lemonades and smoothies.

Seven unique lemonade flavors with every sip will reduce the degree of stress, replacing it with a sense of peace and cooling. There are classic, ginger, cucumber, pear, sea buckthorn, strawberry-raspberry lemonades and invigorating Doctor Pepper.

This means that you can accurately choose a favorite flavor or find something new. Lemonade is a drink that primarily allows cooling and collecting the forces that you spent to keep the body in the normal temperature, but we also have the option, which will not only bring to your senses, but also will fill the body with beneficial antioxidants and vitamins that have been previously expended.

We are talking about a smoothie – vitamin drink, desirable by all. This part of the menu offers various types of Smoothies: banana-strawberry, Hawaii, strawberry- peach, wild berry and tropic. One glass of slush beverage contains daily portion of easily digestible vitamins with the dizzying smell and no less pleasant taste.

Together with the wonderful views, drinks in restaurant «Matisse» will charge you with boundless energy of the capital in order to meet new challenges easily. Visit us today!