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Just another feast from the panoramic restaurant «Matisse».

Regular guests and new visitors will be able to taste new dishes from the phenomenon of the culinary arts in Kiev and concurrently Chef of the restaurant Matisse – Olena Mishchenko. At this time our culinary ace will fully deliver the true taste of several kinds of appetizers, salads and soups.

For example, «Terrine of foie gras with confit of currants and basil». Diversified French experience sometimes creates indescribable dishes with a unique taste and aroma. Unusual combination of goose liver with fragrant sweet-sour berry will make taste receptors beating in the euphoria. This dish is what you need especially if you are a gourmet who prefers a mixture of flavors.

Or «Ravioli with rabbit meat». Gentle dough, hiding under a toothsome meat, broth and flavor of the best hot spices. Also secret ingredients, adding the succulent taste and highlighting its singularity.

«Tagliata with arugula and cherry tomatoes with cheese «Parmesan». Thin slices of delicious beef, seasoned with pepper, olive oil, lemon juice and other ingredients, roasted over a slow fire and impregnated with its own juice. Then it is added arugula, little cherry tomatoes and parmesan. It turns out fresh and versatile taste.

«Okroshka of kefir with veal». There is no such a dish that will bring joy in the hot season as the okroshka. The scorching summer sun takes out of us a lot of energy and the body overheats. Okroshka with veal solves both problems: high-protein meat adds strength and endurance and a cold infusion of kefir refreshes and de-stresses the body's elevated temperature. In addition the benefit of dishes is complemented by a favorite flavor.

Miraculous panorama of Kiev and new tastes from our Chef are waiting for you every day in the restaurant Matisse.