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The results of an international study of influence of lifestyle and diet on health confirm that the properly compiled daily menu,

the better a person feels during the day and the healthier will be throughout life.

Nowadays the importance of a healthy lifestyle and healthy food gets more valuable because people want their body to function stably, properly assimilating the necessary useful elements for correct metabolism, and in order to feel cheerfully and active during the day.

Matisse restaurant's menu is composed taking into account the basic rules of healthy eating and advises of an experienced nutritionist and therapist. Therefore, calories and nutrients of each meal are balanced. We seek for providing the complete range of high-quality culinary service not only to satisfy each of our guests with gourmet meals, but to ensure that he will enjoy healthy foods in order to maintain his health.

If the person will eat right lifelong, he will have chance to reduce the risk of new diseases and the development of chronic ailments. Also, it helps to be alert and active throughout the day, get rid of weight problems and always have a slim and fit figure.

Join a healthy lifestyle with the menu of the restaurant «Matisse»!