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How could you deny the pleasure to enjoy a variety of dishes from festive menu? Side dishes and salads with meat, carbohydrates and complex proteins are full meal for any organism, so it is not surprising that a lot of people after the holidays feel heaviness, lack of activity and vigor. This is a signal that the body needs to be cleaned.

A balanced diet will help you to cope with the heaviness. It consists of dietary meals in the number of ingredients which include cereals and products of plant origin. Restaurant «Matisse» invites everyone to appreciate the advantages of our post-holiday menu that will help you return to normal lifeway, increase the capacity for work.

The atmosphere and the interior will be in the best way, as here you will find calm and pacification during the working day at the time of your dinner, or having evening meal time with colleagues or loved ones. The location of the restaurant on the 15th floor of a modern high-rise building will allow feeling like a soaring bird, conquering life's heights and obstacles.