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Presentation of new dishes is always a pleasure for our guests. We invite you to try our specialties – hearty and healthy dishes.

Today specialties are presented by a bouquet of unique combinations that do not burden the body with excesses, thus improves the mood for the whole day!

Cream soup of butternut squash with foie gras and potato «Pai»

Slightly sweet taste of butternut squash has soft texture, and foie gras and potato are a wonderful mix that will satisfy you with all the necessary nutrients.
Also in our new menu you will find a dainty salad with duck, which evokes keen appetite. Salad is a perfect addition to any meat dishes, variety of hot and cold appetizers, as well as you can take it as a separate dish.
Golden, carefully roasted duck breast has a perfect flavor. It is incredibly soft in combination with soft goat cheese, slices of mango, raspberry topping. It is a magnificent, incomparable dish that will satisfy any gourmand.

Among the meat dishes we also prepared some specialties. Today you can order venison fillet with porcini mushrooms, vegetable ratatouille and chestnuts for you and your friends.
This rich dish will open new horizons for your enjoyment, and good combination of porcini mushrooms with vegetables and delicious chestnuts begin to stimulate different processes in the body, causing not only the rush of pleasure, but also activating thought processes.

Furthermore, our meat menu was supplemented with another dish.
Baked quail with polenta, chestnuts and rum sauce. As is it known roasted quail meat is very useful, it is a dietary and healing. We are preparing a baked quail in such a way as to maintain all the unique consist of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. We serve up deliciously smelling, delicate, rich and healthy dish that is able to tone up the body, give energy and give a positive effect for cerebration and muscles.

If you wish to order something from the menu of hot spicy snacks, then pay your attention to our new dish – dumplings with rabbit meat. The original filling for dumplings is a fragrant, not
greasy, nutritionally dense and slightly sweet meat of a young rabbit. This meat filling is known for its dietary properties.

There are also specialties among cold appetizers. You will not be able to leave out of account it, moreover, it will be please for you exactly. This is a terrine of foie gras with confiture of currants and basil.
The dish is carefully sliced and looks so appetizing. We are preparing this dish of goose and duck liver on our own receipt, which allows giving a special taste for all the ingredients, leaving no one indifferent. If you try once terrine of foie gras with confiture of currants and basil at our restaurant, make sure you will come back to us again to get a lot of fun and delights.

And, of course, there are specialties among our desserts!
Creme brulee with caramel crust. Despite the simplicity of the ingredients, it is a very delicious dessert. Delicate souffle of whipped cream with brown sugar, cinnamon and a crispy caramel crust. This sweet French dessert will give you a sense of celebration. It seemed to caress your lips, blowing on a sunny world of vivid imagination. Try the crispy caramel crust and you will feel the spirit of freedom, the desire to live colorfully and to risk. Rich caramel sweetness taste of creme brulee will recall stories about the exciting adventures in France. Chocolate fondant is another specialty. For the first time this famous French dish, a delicious chocolate dessert was prepared by world famous chocolatier Michel Bras in the late twentieth century following a recipe of French cuisine. Dessert represents an unusual pastry of sponge cake with flavored butter and a few drops of rum, flowing dark chocolate inside. Incredibly delicious fondant is served with fruit and mint for gourmets and sweet lovers. Its delicate taste will captivate wealth of first impressions and carry into the world of secret dreams.

Restaurant Matisse is always happy to meet guests with warmth and unique menu!