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In today's capital, with its fast pace of life and constant lack of time many people do not have time to do even the most necessary things – to have a breakfast.

This circumstance affects detrimentally to health, as breakfast provides digestive system with required food for the valuable work, gives energy boost for the whole day, nourishes the brain and stimulates its ability to think. Even worse when a full breakfast is replaced by fast food that congests the organism with unnecessary cholesterol and fat.
Restaurant Matisse warmly welcomes all people, who do not have time to eat in the morning, for delicious and healthy breakfast! Comfortable quiet atmosphere, stylish decoration of the hall, a beautiful panorama of the morning city and attentive staff will make your meal not only healthy but also enjoyable! The restaurant is open already from 7 a.m., so no matter where you go, you still have time to eat breakfast before work.
The menu offers a wide selection of breakfast for every taste, cooked with love. The choice is not limited with nutritious meals, anyone who keeps the figure, able to choose the most low-calorie dish with the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals. Helpful staff will assist you to choose the dish that will give you a pleasure of eating delicious food, energy boost for the whole day!
In the menu you will find breakfasts of national, European, continental and American cuisine. For those who are not accustomed to have a square meal in the morning, the restaurant's menu proposes a la carte, consisting of several ingredients. For any kind of breakfast you can choose additional side dishes. Chef of the restaurant will combine into a single harmonious composition whatever you choose and will serve fragrant and healthy breakfast!