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The wine list of «Matisse» is our pride!


Today the current generation can hardly imagine that just a few decades ago Ukrainians did not know what a «wine list» is. Not so long ago in Soviet restaurants the whole range of wines was in the main menu, where were hot and cold snacks, and fruit compote. But modern restaurateurs have achieved a new European level, distinguishing between food and drinks in different categories. In particular the changes touched the wine.

A very important criterion for assessing the quality level of the restaurant is its wine list and the prices. Many restaurant guests mistakenly believe that the better the wine is, the more it should costs. In a good restaurant luxury vintage wines have to be for sophisticated and demanding gourmets, as well as affordable good wines – for guests with an average income. The emphasis on the diversity of the menu of the wine list is the main feature of a good and successful restaurant!

The wine list of «Matisse» is our pride! The assortment represents expensive vintage wines and available quality wines from different manufacturers.
Wine is a drink that was especially loved and appreciated by Italians and after that by our countrymen. Correctly chosen wine perfectly complements the dishes;perk upsthe mood and promotes good digestion. The culture of wine drinking is quite diverse and complex as the chosen drink must necessarily impress dish, do not outshine its aroma and taste. The wine list of «Matisse»contains dozens of marks of the best wines that perfectly complement the main menu.

The general etiquette of wine drinking is adopted, according to which red wine is usually served with cheese and dark meat and white - with fish and light meat. In fact, choosingthe wine it can be a lot of nuances in which you can easily get lost, but our experienced sommeliers will help you to choose the wine that emphasizes the taste of your food.

We all have quite different preferences and tastes and, perhaps, the debate about what kind of wine tastes better will not ever finish.

The restaurant «Matisse»believes that the best wine is a good quality wine, which is always to guest’s liking and which you want to sip again and again!