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Okroshka with kefir and veal and Gnocchi with ling and gorgonzola


Okroshka with kefir and veal 

Okroshka is a traditional dish of Russian cuisine. Due to the unique ingredients and serving it cold, okroshka became a favorite summer soup of many Slavic peoples. There are many recipes for its cooking, but our restaurant prefers its classical form, which is preferred by many gourmets.

The composition of ingredients includes kefir, balyk veal, eggs, radish, cucumbers, fresh dill and spices. Okroshka which is cooked with love and served with aromatic herbs will impress any guest. Refined taste of veal, flavored with chilled kefir and lush vegetables, will be certainly according to your taste! Thanks to a balanced calorie okroshka perfectly saturates the body with the necessary amount of protein and amino acids, promotes good digestion and perfectly refresh in the hot summer period.

Gnocchi with ling and gorgonzola

Gnocchi is a classic dish of Italian cuisine. It close relatives is dumplings from Russian cuisine. But gnocchi have more rich and extravagant taste that will appeal to even the most sophisticated gourmet.

Gnocchi is prepared from mashed potatoes and served in small pieces. To give them originality, chef of our restaurant puts an exquisite sort of cheese «Gorgonzola». Also the dish includes shrimp American fish «ling». It gives gnocchi truly unforgettable taste!

Useful ling characteristics are in its rich composition, which includes vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary for the human body. Since ling lives in the ocean, it will enrich your body those amino acids which can be obtained only by eating sea fish. For those who keep to a diet, gnocchi with ling is the best way to keep the figure, as this dish does not contain a lot of calories.